Top 10 Things to Look For and Avoid with Indian Women

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Let’s review the Top 10 Things to Look For and Avoid with Indian Women.

Generally speaking, if you’re going to attempt to date Indian (Desi) women in the U.S. or any other western country, then there are some things to look out for. These include both the good and bad, while dating or before getting married.

For starters, it’s worth pointing out that no doubt Indian women are absolutely some of the most elegant, beautiful women in the world. They are also some of the most classy, loving, and ambitious – making some of the best wives. So, if you’re interested in dating an Indian girl and possibly marrying her one day, read on.

1. Culture and Closeness to Family

These two major keys should be used as a guide to not only know what type of women to look for, but also as a way to learn more about her through her family. In other words, if she’s close to her family or parents then great, and this will make it easier to get to know her – and vice versa.

Often, including men, how close a person is with his or her mother and family says a lot about that individual. And, while typically Indian women will not have their entire family with them, more than likely they’ll have at least their most critical parts.

So, this, in addition to cultural values and traditions should be seen as a “green light” for you to date your Indian girl or girlfriend.

2. Indian Women on Dating Sites

Believe it or not, while tempting, the truth is that the internet can a both very good, and very bad way to go about meeting new people and women.

In the case of meeting an Indian girl, unless she’s local to you, or planning to move to your country, then chances are she’ll expect you to come to her.

So, while this might be worth it for some, it’s definitely something to keep in mind, in addition to a number of scams, or other difficulties associated with finding and dating an Indian girl – especially online.

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3. Looking for Values and Ethics

Make no mistake, Indian women are very intelligent, intuitive, and well-cultured. Therefore, there’s no excuse for her not to be well-versed on morals, ethics, and general compassion for other human beings.

And, while rare, there is going to be your fair share of unwanted, prude, self-absorbed, or otherwise entitled Indian women worth avoiding. Many of these types of women put on a fake face for you, and in the end, will bring both lots of hardship and pain.

So, while it’s understandable that with moving to a new country and culture the Indian girl you meet is bound to change a little and be influenced, this doesn’t mean that she came from a place without morals, or has any excuse for not having them now.

No matter what type of girl you’re dating, always keep an eye out for any wolf in sheep’s clothing, as this is your responsibility and are the one that will pay for it the most in the end should it be the case.

4. Responsible Women and Your Responsibilities

Understand this, any man that is serious about dating an Indian girl to create a meaningful, long-term relationship and potential future with should definitely be wary of any woman that comes off as irresponsible. This includes an Indian girl with a visible drinking problem, drugs, anger, temper, emotional instability like depression, or any other unusual impressions.

Likewise, should you be seeking a responsible woman you yourself should be a responsible man, know what you want, and articulate this to her. Remember, if you’ve met an Indian girl in the U.S. then chances are both her and her family have fought very hard to get where they are today.

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Therefore, the chances are more than likely in your favor that she is indeed responsible, mature, and even experienced – perhaps more than you might expect or even more than you. So, keep this strongly in mind and use it as your ‘guiding light’ for finding the most practical Indian girl for you.

5. Shyness and Humility

The truth is, if the Indian girl you are dating or considering marrying is shy, and demonstrates humility then chances are she’s a great pick.

The last thing you want is a conceited, or spoiled Indian girl wreaking havoc on your life. And, just remember, it doesn’t necessarily take an Indian girl to present these types of problems – so apply this advice across the board.

Also, if your Indian girl is shy – at least at first – then chances are you should have a substantial amount of patience, love, and understanding, or it’ll likely create a lot of conflict for you both in the future.

6. Forward and Expressive

If you’re looking to get the most mature, meaningful Indian girl into your life then try to find one that is forward and openly expresses herself. Communication, understandably, is huge in any relationship – and dating a Desi girl is by no means an exception.

Also, forwardness shows not only confidence but also a certainty, and more than likely will also help you better determine whether or not she is an honest, sincere, and likely to be loyal girlfriend or wife.

7. Lying and Immaturity

This might not be obvious, but the truth is if you’re dating an Indian girl or foreigner then chances are she will be able to hide certain things or behave differently than what you might be used to.

So, you must pay special attention to any potential lying, don’t be afraid to question her or her motives, but at the same time be reasonable, not overbearing, and do not come off or behave insecurely and act paranoid.

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In other words, you must find a balance, and one that will also work for both of you in the future.

Also, yes, of course, maturity is very important. So, beautiful or not, if she’s acting immature now, then chances are she’ll continue to in the future, and that this is only the beginning.

Unless you enjoy pain, drama, and hardship, then steer clear and know that there are plenty of another Indian girl’s available, so don’t be discouraged, and just keep looking.

8. Mutual Respect and Love

May it be in the ways you physically and verbally interact with one another or the ways you treat each other in front of others – never underestimate the value and purpose of respect.

Most importantly, do no ever forget that it goes both ways. Not having the respect of, or respecting your Indian girlfriend is a sure-fire way to create endless pain, drama, and misery. So, why do things the hard way?

There are plenty of educated, loving, and sincere Indian women in the U.S. that have dreamed of, and would just love to date and even marry an American man to start a family with, so keep your head held high and be the type of man you want your own children to be one day.

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9. Communication and Support

This ties a bit into the previous point, but just remember, support goes both ways. And this is not by any means just about financial or even physical support.

In many ways, this is meant to illustrate the value and importance of your Indian girlfriend being both communicative and supporting you through both the good times and the bad throughout life.

Desi women are very loving, supportive, and strong themselves, so don’t settle for less and be sure to find one that equally supports you as you are willing to support her.

10. Education Work and Ambitions

Desi girls are intelligent, ambitious, and know how to get what they want. They are, hands down, some of the most meaningful types of women you can have a relationship with – and will no doubt will go on to be some of the most successful professionals and scholars in the world. So, why not be a part of that with her?

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It is natural to be attracted to a woman that likes to study, work, read, and learn. Wisdom, of course, is invaluable, so if and when you come across an Indian girl that values it, hold on tight, and never let her go.

Lastly, accept feminism as very important to Indian women, and rather than talk about it or express an uneducated opinion, do your research first so you can truly understand why your Indian girlfriend talks and feels the ways she does.

This, undoubtedly, is hands down the best way to ensure a happy, long, meaningful relationship with the Desi woman of your dreams! Just remember, respect goes both ways, so while you learn about and discuss her culture or views with her, don’t be afraid to express yours too, and stand your ground.

An Indian girl loves confidence, and seeks a strong, intelligent, and wise man to spend the rest of her life with – and there’s no reason that can’t be you!