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Making Sense of Desi Women: 10 Tips for Dating in India

Indian women are elegant, classy, respectable, and some of the most wonderful women in the world to court and marry. Thanks to their cultural values, they are especially loyal to only one man, enjoy bonding, making memories, and creating a family one day of their own.

They are typically especially close to their parents, family, have more than one sibling, and are brought up with a certain level of respect that is not seen as frequently in western influenced nations or the United States.

So, you’re ready to travel to India to date a local Desi woman, or you’ve simply had the pleasure of meeting a local, Indian-born woman in your home country and don’t know where to begin?

Check out these 10 Tips to help you better understand Desi women, why they act the ways they do, and what they look for in a man.

1. Indian women admire, and appreciate honesty – therefore, be humble. Do not attempt to show off to your Desi woman, or pretend to be someone you’re not. While they enjoy a nice lifestyle, eating at good places, or quality entertainment they also know how to be frugal, and are not impressed by riches.

There are plenty of “rich” Indian men attempting to court them in their home country, so there must be a reason greater than this that they are dating or with you. Make genuine efforts to get to know the woman you’re with and dating, what her family is like, and what her social views or expectations are for both Indian men and foreigners – feel her out over time, and then take it from there.

2. Desi women are typically quite educated, intellectual, and have been raised with class. Therefore, expect to be dating a woman that can meet or come awfully close to your level of intellect as far as global issues go, history, science, and culture.

Often, they will also speak English fluently which is a huge plus, but likewise in return, they’ll expect you to frequently produce intellectual, meaningful conversations. This type of ‘give and take’ will not only stimulate your senses, but also your relationship, keeping things unique, positive, and contributing to the two of you getting to know one another better.

3. No matter what part of India your date is from, or living in, deep down she will always be a Desi true at heart, and carry her cultural values with her to one extent or another. For example, Indian women can be quite conservative and traditional, but appreciate for the good they’ll bring you and your relationship!

For many men, dating a woman with class that dresses nicely, and conducts herself with respect and dignity is a huge turn on – and creates a sincere, emotional connection.

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4. The next tip is a two-part consideration and rule. First, understand that more than anything money can buy, spending time together with your Desi girlfriend will far surpass any gifts you can buy her, or any cheesy “pick up lines” or flirtatious comments you can think of.

Therefore, getting to know your Desi lover is key to winning her heart, and most importantly, keeping her for years to come and possibly starting a life together.

5. As the second part to the above tip, prepare and understand why giving your Indian girlfriend space is critical. These women are independent, intelligent, and very ambitious.

They also typically have a very large social network, which means they will have a habit of frequently spending time with their friends and girlfriends as well – sometimes including guy friends.

This is not necessarily so common in the United States, and may take some getting used to. But, on the bright side, this means that your Desi girlfriend will be less likely to be as “needy” as what you’ve experienced before.

6. Next up, is a big no-no for any relationship, but especially with Indian women; do not under any circumstances ever compare your girlfriend to previous relationships, your mother, or anyone else.

Appreciate and respect her for her uniqueness, and know that this is a big turn-off for Desi women if it’s a habit of yours – and sure to end the relationship sooner than later.

Indian women are bright, beautiful, unique, and very culturally different in comparison to western countries and culture. They know what they want out of life, from a man, and for their future – so it’s ideal you do too, or are at least proactively working on this.

7. India is a huge large country, and because of this, has many variations of cultural influences and traditions. With that in mind, consider conducting research on where your Indian date or lover comes from, so that you may better understand the ways she acts, what she wants, expects from life, and other things like food, traditions, and marriage.

Don’t’ ever assume that she likes the same thing as “all Indians” do, as this is not only more than likely inaccurate, but can also be quite offensive. The north and south of India vary greatly, so don’t limit yourself to only dating or courting women in one part.

Wxplore this beautiful country, it’s people, and learn what makes them ‘tick’. You doing so will not only help you along the way, but is sure to impress your Desi girlfriend, increasing your overall appeal.

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8. Most Indian women do not like the idea of, and will not agree to an arranged marriage. So, this works in your favor as a foreigner, since chances are their family would have never attempted to arrange a marriage with any other man beside an Indian man.

Second, it’s critical that you acknowledge this reality, and accept that in major, modernized (and westernized) cities like New Delhi that this type of arrangement has little to no presence. This is typically more common out in rural settings, and even then, families are more than open to and happy with the idea of their daughter marrying a foreigner.

You see, while they may be weary, the most important thing to them is that you respect, love her, and make her happy. So make it a point not to mention, or assume that this is something that’s a part of her life, culture, ever was before, or might be in the future.

9. Nicknames are quite common in Indian relationships, and this goes for those dating foreigners too. So, just take your time with the relationship, be patient, and over time it’s more than likely that she’ll create a cute, likable nickname for you.

Just don’t push it or be overbearing, or attempt to give her one unless you’re absolutely confident that it’s appropriate, and that she’ll like it. It’s much more ideal for you to let her give you one first, so you can test out the waters and understand her cultural reasons for doing so – and how she came up with it.

10. Last but not least, have no fear, when learning to speak Hindi it’s a common struggle to mistakenly pronounce a “W” sound with a “V” sound. This is why it’s so important to practice the local language, study the alphabetic and how it works, phonetics, and even take classes locally if possible. And of course, your beautiful, one of a kind Desi lover should also be happy to help you along the way in speaking her language better.

Remember, a language is only but one of many parts of a culture, along with traditions, social relationships, religious views or practice, and others. Research in advance is always helpful, but really immersing yourself into the local environment is the best bet for getting to know beautiful, single, and open-minded Desi women that are willing to date, and possibly make a future with a foreigner.