Dating an Indian Woman: How to Set Yourself Apart


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Indian (Desi) women are some of the most mesmerizing, elegant, and ambitious women in the world. From their sexy skin tones to their long, natural hair and mesmerizing brown eyes, they are sure to knock you off your feet. But, how do you land the Desi woman of your dreams, and keep her?

Well, for starters, it’s critical that you know that competition is not only great, but, that also a lot of traditional Desi parents will be partially against you dating or marrying their daughter for likely a handful of reasons. Therefore, you’re going to have to put a lot of work into the relationship, standing apart, securing your love, and ultimately taking things to the next level.

For starters, not only impressing, but also showing a genuine interest in, and getting to know her family is a major plus. And, while on the topic of her closest family and loved ones, much like her native home you should expect the possibility that her native language is not only not English, but also not Hindi. So, it would behoove you – if you’re in a serious relationship – should you be interested in taking things to the next level, to ask and learn about her local, native tongue and learn a few words or phrases.

Regularly conversing in her own language with her and showing a genuine interest will not only get you ‘brownie points’ but is also a surefire way to maximize the possibility of taking your relationship to the next level.

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Demonstrate Potential and Adaptability

First, understand that demonstrating not only potential, but also a flexibility and certain level of physical and emotional strength is definitely a great way to go. This will show her that you not only have physical and emotional strength, but that you can also support her.

Given how ambitious, educated, and dedicated most Indian women are in pursuing higher education and achieving the best career possible, chances are you will have to meet each other somewhere half way. So, in order to make things work and make the best of your relationship when a Desi girl, try to make it a point to talk about things like this upfront. That is, study, and discover the types of ambitions, school, or current career involvement they have to decide if you’re likely to be a good match.

Outside of being chivalrous – which especially as a foreigner will demonstrate major desirability – also being different and showing not only your desi lover but also yourself your aspirations and true potential makes the most sense. Showing intelligence and this type of potential, while remaining independent yourself – although willing to fight for and support your Desi lover – is one of the best ways to secure a serious, meaningful, and happy future together. It sounds a little complicated, but we promise you can do it!

How well do you know your Desi girlfriend, and how well does she know you? This will greatly dictate how well you “click”, balance each other’s chemistry, and your overall potential to live a long, meaningful life together.

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Show a Genuine Interest in Her Culture: Don’t be a “phony”

In all seriousness, no one likes a fake, especially women. So, before you go off to your Indian girlfriend talking about how well you know Desi films, or love Shahrukh Khan, etc. although admirable, make certain you know what you’re talking about.

The last thing you want is for your desi lover to feel like you’re trying to manipulate her or be someone you’re not. In fact, if you aren’t yet up to speed on the most popular Desi or Bollywood films and superstars, showing a genuine interest in them with her, and making a date to go see one together can be equally meaningful and profitable for your relationship.

Speaking of sincerity, know that generally speaking, Indian women do not open up very easily, so if yours is with you then chances are she is very serious about you and values your relationship together.

Earning a desi woman’s trust is a big thing, so take pride in that – and don’t ever ruin it or take it for granted. And, while it’s great to have an opinion, also know when to listen to your Desi girlfriend so that she feels you care and truly love her for the person she is – not just her looks or because she’s Indian.

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Parting Ways: Final Advice

Last but not least, just as you should with any relationship and woman, don’t be pushy – may it be about anything from marriage, all the way to sex. And, know that Indian or desi women absolutely love romanticism – so that could be the obstacle or “problem” you might be experiencing. (No worries, we’ve all been there, and it’s never too late to fix things and turn that around.)

Know that Desi women take pride in not only themselves and reputation, but also how much they are trusted by others– so you should be comfortable doing so. Do not try to control her – they are like free and wild butterflies – and doing so, or “smothering” her will only lead to pushing her away.

Don’t be overly abrasive, aggressive or sexually suggestive with your Desi date or girlfriend. If they want to be involved with you in that way they will let you know when, and how.

Want extra points and to really stand out to your Desi date? Listen to, and even practice if possible dancing to Bhangra music, show an interest in, and take your Desi girlfriend out to a place that plays it the next time you go out together.

So to summarize, respect, love, be patient, understanding, learn the language, and don’t neglect to learn the culture. These are all keys to any happy relationship, but, especially one between a foreigner and a Desi woman.