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Top 10 Things to Look For and Avoid with Indian Women

Written by Padmay Lak. Posted in Indian News

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Let’s review the Top 10 Things to Look For and Avoid with Indian Women.

Generally speaking, if you’re going to attempt to date Indian (Desi) women in the U.S. or any other western country, then there are some things to look out for. These include both the good and bad, while dating or before getting married.

For starters, it’s worth pointing out that no doubt Indian women are absolutely some of the most elegant, beautiful women in the world. They are also some of the most classy, loving, and ambitious – making some of the best wives. So, if you’re interested in dating an Indian girl and possibly marrying her one day, read on.

1. Culture and Closeness to Family

These two major keys should be used as a guide to not only know what type of women to look for, but also as a way to learn more about her through her family. In other words, if she’s close to her family or parents then great, and this will make it easier to get to know her – and vice versa.

Often, including men, how close a person is with his or her mother and family says a lot about that individual. And, while typically Indian women will not have their entire family with them, more than likely they’ll have at least their most critical parts.

So, this, in addition to cultural values and traditions should be seen as a “green light” for you to date your Indian girl or girlfriend.

2. Indian Women on Dating Sites

Believe it or not, while tempting, the truth is that the internet can a both very good, and very bad way to go about meeting new people and women.

In the case of meeting an Indian girl, unless she’s local to you, or planning to move to your country, then chances are she’ll expect you to come to her.

So, while this might be worth it for some, it’s definitely something to keep in mind, in addition to a number of scams, or other difficulties associated with finding and dating an Indian girl – especially online.

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3. Looking for Values and Ethics

Make no mistake, Indian women are very intelligent, intuitive, and well-cultured. Therefore, there’s no excuse for her not to be well-versed on morals, ethics, and general compassion for other human beings.

And, while rare, there is going to be your fair share of unwanted, prude, self-absorbed, or otherwise entitled Indian women worth avoiding. Many of these types of women put on a fake face for you, and in the end, will bring both lots of hardship and pain.

So, while it’s understandable that with moving to a new country and culture the Indian girl you meet is bound to change a little and be influenced, this doesn’t mean that she came from a place without morals, or has any excuse for not having them now.

No matter what type of girl you’re dating, always keep an eye out for any wolf in sheep’s clothing, as this is your responsibility and are the one that will pay for it the most in the end should it be the case.

4. Responsible Women and Your Responsibilities

Understand this, any man that is serious about dating an Indian girl to create a meaningful, long-term relationship and potential future with should definitely be wary of any woman that comes off as irresponsible. This includes an Indian girl with a visible drinking problem, drugs, anger, temper, emotional instability like depression, or any other unusual impressions.

Likewise, should you be seeking a responsible woman you yourself should be a responsible man, know what you want, and articulate this to her. Remember, if you’ve met an Indian girl in the U.S. then chances are both her and her family have fought very hard to get where they are today.

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Therefore, the chances are more than likely in your favor that she is indeed responsible, mature, and even experienced – perhaps more than you might expect or even more than you. So, keep this strongly in mind and use it as your ‘guiding light’ for finding the most practical Indian girl for you.

5. Shyness and Humility

The truth is, if the Indian girl you are dating or considering marrying is shy, and demonstrates humility then chances are she’s a great pick.

The last thing you want is a conceited, or spoiled Indian girl wreaking havoc on your life. And, just remember, it doesn’t necessarily take an Indian girl to present these types of problems – so apply this advice across the board.

Also, if your Indian girl is shy – at least at first – then chances are you should have a substantial amount of patience, love, and understanding, or it’ll likely create a lot of conflict for you both in the future.

6. Forward and Expressive

If you’re looking to get the most mature, meaningful Indian girl into your life then try to find one that is forward and openly expresses herself. Communication, understandably, is huge in any relationship – and dating a Desi girl is by no means an exception.

Also, forwardness shows not only confidence but also a certainty, and more than likely will also help you better determine whether or not she is an honest, sincere, and likely to be loyal girlfriend or wife.

7. Lying and Immaturity

This might not be obvious, but the truth is if you’re dating an Indian girl or foreigner then chances are she will be able to hide certain things or behave differently than what you might be used to.

So, you must pay special attention to any potential lying, don’t be afraid to question her or her motives, but at the same time be reasonable, not overbearing, and do not come off or behave insecurely and act paranoid.

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In other words, you must find a balance, and one that will also work for both of you in the future.

Also, yes, of course, maturity is very important. So, beautiful or not, if she’s acting immature now, then chances are she’ll continue to in the future, and that this is only the beginning.

Unless you enjoy pain, drama, and hardship, then steer clear and know that there are plenty of another Indian girl’s available, so don’t be discouraged, and just keep looking.

8. Mutual Respect and Love

May it be in the ways you physically and verbally interact with one another or the ways you treat each other in front of others – never underestimate the value and purpose of respect.

Most importantly, do no ever forget that it goes both ways. Not having the respect of, or respecting your Indian girlfriend is a sure-fire way to create endless pain, drama, and misery. So, why do things the hard way?

There are plenty of educated, loving, and sincere Indian women in the U.S. that have dreamed of, and would just love to date and even marry an American man to start a family with, so keep your head held high and be the type of man you want your own children to be one day.

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9. Communication and Support

This ties a bit into the previous point, but just remember, support goes both ways. And this is not by any means just about financial or even physical support.

In many ways, this is meant to illustrate the value and importance of your Indian girlfriend being both communicative and supporting you through both the good times and the bad throughout life.

Desi women are very loving, supportive, and strong themselves, so don’t settle for less and be sure to find one that equally supports you as you are willing to support her.

10. Education Work and Ambitions

Desi girls are intelligent, ambitious, and know how to get what they want. They are, hands down, some of the most meaningful types of women you can have a relationship with – and will no doubt will go on to be some of the most successful professionals and scholars in the world. So, why not be a part of that with her?

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It is natural to be attracted to a woman that likes to study, work, read, and learn. Wisdom, of course, is invaluable, so if and when you come across an Indian girl that values it, hold on tight, and never let her go.

Lastly, accept feminism as very important to Indian women, and rather than talk about it or express an uneducated opinion, do your research first so you can truly understand why your Indian girlfriend talks and feels the ways she does.

This, undoubtedly, is hands down the best way to ensure a happy, long, meaningful relationship with the Desi woman of your dreams! Just remember, respect goes both ways, so while you learn about and discuss her culture or views with her, don’t be afraid to express yours too, and stand your ground.

An Indian girl loves confidence, and seeks a strong, intelligent, and wise man to spend the rest of her life with – and there’s no reason that can’t be you!

Dating an Indian Woman: How to Set Yourself Apart

Written by Padmay Lak. Posted in Indian News


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Indian (Desi) women are some of the most mesmerizing, elegant, and ambitious women in the world. From their sexy skin tones to their long, natural hair and mesmerizing brown eyes, they are sure to knock you off your feet. But, how do you land the Desi woman of your dreams, and keep her?

Well, for starters, it’s critical that you know that competition is not only great, but, that also a lot of traditional Desi parents will be partially against you dating or marrying their daughter for likely a handful of reasons. Therefore, you’re going to have to put a lot of work into the relationship, standing apart, securing your love, and ultimately taking things to the next level.

For starters, not only impressing, but also showing a genuine interest in, and getting to know her family is a major plus. And, while on the topic of her closest family and loved ones, much like her native home you should expect the possibility that her native language is not only not English, but also not Hindi. So, it would behoove you – if you’re in a serious relationship – should you be interested in taking things to the next level, to ask and learn about her local, native tongue and learn a few words or phrases.

Regularly conversing in her own language with her and showing a genuine interest will not only get you ‘brownie points’ but is also a surefire way to maximize the possibility of taking your relationship to the next level.

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Demonstrate Potential and Adaptability

First, understand that demonstrating not only potential, but also a flexibility and certain level of physical and emotional strength is definitely a great way to go. This will show her that you not only have physical and emotional strength, but that you can also support her.

Given how ambitious, educated, and dedicated most Indian women are in pursuing higher education and achieving the best career possible, chances are you will have to meet each other somewhere half way. So, in order to make things work and make the best of your relationship when a Desi girl, try to make it a point to talk about things like this upfront. That is, study, and discover the types of ambitions, school, or current career involvement they have to decide if you’re likely to be a good match.

Outside of being chivalrous – which especially as a foreigner will demonstrate major desirability – also being different and showing not only your desi lover but also yourself your aspirations and true potential makes the most sense. Showing intelligence and this type of potential, while remaining independent yourself – although willing to fight for and support your Desi lover – is one of the best ways to secure a serious, meaningful, and happy future together. It sounds a little complicated, but we promise you can do it!

How well do you know your Desi girlfriend, and how well does she know you? This will greatly dictate how well you “click”, balance each other’s chemistry, and your overall potential to live a long, meaningful life together.

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Show a Genuine Interest in Her Culture: Don’t be a “phony”

In all seriousness, no one likes a fake, especially women. So, before you go off to your Indian girlfriend talking about how well you know Desi films, or love Shahrukh Khan, etc. although admirable, make certain you know what you’re talking about.

The last thing you want is for your desi lover to feel like you’re trying to manipulate her or be someone you’re not. In fact, if you aren’t yet up to speed on the most popular Desi or Bollywood films and superstars, showing a genuine interest in them with her, and making a date to go see one together can be equally meaningful and profitable for your relationship.

Speaking of sincerity, know that generally speaking, Indian women do not open up very easily, so if yours is with you then chances are she is very serious about you and values your relationship together.

Earning a desi woman’s trust is a big thing, so take pride in that – and don’t ever ruin it or take it for granted. And, while it’s great to have an opinion, also know when to listen to your Desi girlfriend so that she feels you care and truly love her for the person she is – not just her looks or because she’s Indian.

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Parting Ways: Final Advice

Last but not least, just as you should with any relationship and woman, don’t be pushy – may it be about anything from marriage, all the way to sex. And, know that Indian or desi women absolutely love romanticism – so that could be the obstacle or “problem” you might be experiencing. (No worries, we’ve all been there, and it’s never too late to fix things and turn that around.)

Know that Desi women take pride in not only themselves and reputation, but also how much they are trusted by others– so you should be comfortable doing so. Do not try to control her – they are like free and wild butterflies – and doing so, or “smothering” her will only lead to pushing her away.

Don’t be overly abrasive, aggressive or sexually suggestive with your Desi date or girlfriend. If they want to be involved with you in that way they will let you know when, and how.

Want extra points and to really stand out to your Desi date? Listen to, and even practice if possible dancing to Bhangra music, show an interest in, and take your Desi girlfriend out to a place that plays it the next time you go out together.

So to summarize, respect, love, be patient, understanding, learn the language, and don’t neglect to learn the culture. These are all keys to any happy relationship, but, especially one between a foreigner and a Desi woman.

Making Sense of Desi Women: 10 Tips for Dating in India

Written by Padmay Lak. Posted in Indian Dating

Indian women are elegant, classy, respectable, and some of the most wonderful women in the world to court and marry. Thanks to their cultural values, they are especially loyal to only one man, enjoy bonding, making memories, and creating a family one day of their own.

They are typically especially close to their parents, family, have more than one sibling, and are brought up with a certain level of respect that is not seen as frequently in western influenced nations or the United States.

So, you’re ready to travel to India to date a local Desi woman, or you’ve simply had the pleasure of meeting a local, Indian-born woman in your home country and don’t know where to begin?

Check out these 10 Tips to help you better understand Desi women, why they act the ways they do, and what they look for in a man.

1. Indian women admire, and appreciate honesty – therefore, be humble. Do not attempt to show off to your Desi woman, or pretend to be someone you’re not. While they enjoy a nice lifestyle, eating at good places, or quality entertainment they also know how to be frugal, and are not impressed by riches.

There are plenty of “rich” Indian men attempting to court them in their home country, so there must be a reason greater than this that they are dating or with you. Make genuine efforts to get to know the woman you’re with and dating, what her family is like, and what her social views or expectations are for both Indian men and foreigners – feel her out over time, and then take it from there.

2. Desi women are typically quite educated, intellectual, and have been raised with class. Therefore, expect to be dating a woman that can meet or come awfully close to your level of intellect as far as global issues go, history, science, and culture.

Often, they will also speak English fluently which is a huge plus, but likewise in return, they’ll expect you to frequently produce intellectual, meaningful conversations. This type of ‘give and take’ will not only stimulate your senses, but also your relationship, keeping things unique, positive, and contributing to the two of you getting to know one another better.

3. No matter what part of India your date is from, or living in, deep down she will always be a Desi true at heart, and carry her cultural values with her to one extent or another. For example, Indian women can be quite conservative and traditional, but appreciate for the good they’ll bring you and your relationship!

For many men, dating a woman with class that dresses nicely, and conducts herself with respect and dignity is a huge turn on – and creates a sincere, emotional connection.

Indian girl in front of the computer

4. The next tip is a two-part consideration and rule. First, understand that more than anything money can buy, spending time together with your Desi girlfriend will far surpass any gifts you can buy her, or any cheesy “pick up lines” or flirtatious comments you can think of.

Therefore, getting to know your Desi lover is key to winning her heart, and most importantly, keeping her for years to come and possibly starting a life together.

5. As the second part to the above tip, prepare and understand why giving your Indian girlfriend space is critical. These women are independent, intelligent, and very ambitious.

They also typically have a very large social network, which means they will have a habit of frequently spending time with their friends and girlfriends as well – sometimes including guy friends.

This is not necessarily so common in the United States, and may take some getting used to. But, on the bright side, this means that your Desi girlfriend will be less likely to be as “needy” as what you’ve experienced before.

6. Next up, is a big no-no for any relationship, but especially with Indian women; do not under any circumstances ever compare your girlfriend to previous relationships, your mother, or anyone else.

Appreciate and respect her for her uniqueness, and know that this is a big turn-off for Desi women if it’s a habit of yours – and sure to end the relationship sooner than later.

Indian women are bright, beautiful, unique, and very culturally different in comparison to western countries and culture. They know what they want out of life, from a man, and for their future – so it’s ideal you do too, or are at least proactively working on this.

7. India is a huge large country, and because of this, has many variations of cultural influences and traditions. With that in mind, consider conducting research on where your Indian date or lover comes from, so that you may better understand the ways she acts, what she wants, expects from life, and other things like food, traditions, and marriage.

Don’t’ ever assume that she likes the same thing as “all Indians” do, as this is not only more than likely inaccurate, but can also be quite offensive. The north and south of India vary greatly, so don’t limit yourself to only dating or courting women in one part.

Wxplore this beautiful country, it’s people, and learn what makes them ‘tick’. You doing so will not only help you along the way, but is sure to impress your Desi girlfriend, increasing your overall appeal.

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8. Most Indian women do not like the idea of, and will not agree to an arranged marriage. So, this works in your favor as a foreigner, since chances are their family would have never attempted to arrange a marriage with any other man beside an Indian man.

Second, it’s critical that you acknowledge this reality, and accept that in major, modernized (and westernized) cities like New Delhi that this type of arrangement has little to no presence. This is typically more common out in rural settings, and even then, families are more than open to and happy with the idea of their daughter marrying a foreigner.

You see, while they may be weary, the most important thing to them is that you respect, love her, and make her happy. So make it a point not to mention, or assume that this is something that’s a part of her life, culture, ever was before, or might be in the future.

9. Nicknames are quite common in Indian relationships, and this goes for those dating foreigners too. So, just take your time with the relationship, be patient, and over time it’s more than likely that she’ll create a cute, likable nickname for you.

Just don’t push it or be overbearing, or attempt to give her one unless you’re absolutely confident that it’s appropriate, and that she’ll like it. It’s much more ideal for you to let her give you one first, so you can test out the waters and understand her cultural reasons for doing so – and how she came up with it.

10. Last but not least, have no fear, when learning to speak Hindi it’s a common struggle to mistakenly pronounce a “W” sound with a “V” sound. This is why it’s so important to practice the local language, study the alphabetic and how it works, phonetics, and even take classes locally if possible. And of course, your beautiful, one of a kind Desi lover should also be happy to help you along the way in speaking her language better.

Remember, a language is only but one of many parts of a culture, along with traditions, social relationships, religious views or practice, and others. Research in advance is always helpful, but really immersing yourself into the local environment is the best bet for getting to know beautiful, single, and open-minded Desi women that are willing to date, and possibly make a future with a foreigner.

Top 10 Hottest Bollywood Actresses

Written by Padmay Lak. Posted in Bollywood Girls

It shouldn’t be a surprise that many foreigners and Western men love Indian (desi) women. They have a beautiful, natural dark complexion. Their eyes are naturally beautiful and correlate incredibly with their skin and naturally dark, silky hair. Indian women carry themselves with pride, and look elegant no matter how much they’re wearing—they leave more to the imagination and are ‘preserved’ in this sense. Let’s review the Top 10 Hottest Bollywood Actresses known to man.

Chitrangada Singh


Chitrangada Singh, reigning from Jodhupur is a mesmerizing to the eyes actress and commercial model. She has naturally beautiful skin, long hair, and an incredibly attractive face that almost looks like she has some Thai in her—settle down gentlemen, there’s more.

Priyanka Chopra


Chopra is an incredibly attractive model and actress who comes from parents whom are both successful, well-known doctors in India. She has expanded her possibilities by recently pursuing studies in the United States. It is likely, as her parents, she aspires to become a doctor one day—gorgeous and hyper intelligent, incredible!

Nargis Fakhri


Nargis is an American-Born model, actress, and Rockstar! She has worked her way to the top with her various talents and has an all-natural Desi look to her and a look of passion in nearly all of her photo shoots.

Shraddha Kapoor


Shraddha is a cute, witty, and talented Bollywood actress with stunning looks! She is short, petite, and has a smile that will blow you away. She has also done modeling and has a perfect physique, yet carries herself with prestige and is not seen in exotic like model shoots or movies and television.

Bipasha Basu


Basu is a well-known, sexy model and actress that is one of the hottest Bollywood movie-stars that man has ever seen! Basu originates from Delhi, but has a complexion similar to that of an Armenian—what a combination!

Pictures just don’t do Basu justice, and her physique matches her health and fitness awareness. Basu’s fitness knowledge has contributed to the production of a multitude of workout DVD’s and made her a successful entrepreneur—in addition to her acting career!

Kareena Kapoor


Kareena is a stunning actress and model that appears to be mixed with Indian and possibly German or another Western ethnicity. She has been very successful in both her acting and modeling career, and has a gorgeous body with curves in all the right places!

Originally from Mumbai, Kareena has made it to the top and stands for what a successful Desi Bollywood Actress acts and looks like!

Sonal Chauhan


Sonal is not only a famous and successful Bollywood Actress, but also a model and has already won the International Miss World Tourism award at least once!

Sonal is fit, skinny, and a perfect height along with light brown eyes full of heart and as we might wish—lust.

Sandali Sinha


Sinha is a naturally elegant, Desi beauty. She does not need to reveal much at all to make sparks fly! From modeling to acting, she is famous both in the Bollywood scene as well as the showbiz and T.V. entertainment world. To top it all off, she is a music artist and always demonstrates a desire to broaden her skills, experiences, and talents. A natural, Indian goddess!

Deepika Padukone


Inspiring the international trend of ‘leggins’, this elegant beauty is not only an actress, but also a successful model. She is among the top paid Bollywood stars, and has a super sexy Middle Eastern look to her!

Ileana D’Cruz


Not only a popular Bollywood Star, but by far from the least of sexiest Desi women and actresses alive! It’s no wonder she’s been a successful model, and her sexy body in addition to her seemingly Middle Eastern and Slovak appearance are the icing on the cake for this beauty!

Indian Brides For Western Men

Written by Padmay Lak. Posted in Indian Brides

lovely and beautiful indian womenIf you are attracted to persons who seem exotic and different to you, you may find yourself lured to the mystique of international dating.  Whether your taste for the exotic leads you to almond eyed beauties with soft brown skin and jet black hair or simply a to someone with a different accent, you know she won’t be exactly like the girl next door.

To be happiest with your decisions to explore other cultures, you need to know a little about what that means.  You need to have some idea what to expect.  There are singles all over the world, many of which are open to marrying across other cultures.

Still, if both parties are somewhat prepared to blend their lives into one, it’s a good starting point from which to match Indian brides for western men. The next step is finding your life’s partner.

Due to the distance between the west and India, the internet is a good place to meet your future Indian bride via an international dating site or an Indian matchmaking service.  First establish a good rapport and communicate freely for weeks or months with your Indian interest, then arrange a meeting to insure the magic is real.

This is a costly trip from anywhere in the west to India or from India to the western world, so plan it wisely.  You may even decide to meet half way between India and the western county you from which you hail.  If the magic is real and it should magnify upon meeting in person; if it does set the date and get married.

You may not be fond of the internet and you may have a greater affinity for face to face meetings. If that’s your preference, try visiting India’s larger cities and areas where middle to upper class Indian women frequent.  You will be received much more openly by the women than if you visit small towns and try to meet poorer women.

Educational institutions are loaded with women from other cultures.  Try college reunions, especially of those consisting of graduate students and other gatherings where college educated individuals are the common attendants.  Often among the many people who attend, you will find single Indian women.  Start watching Hindi and Bollywood movies.

Eat out at Indian restaurants and soon you’ll meet Indian people.  When you socialize with Indians, you’ll meet Indian women.  The rest is up to you: you goal is to meet, mingle, date and marry.

delightful bikini girl from indiaDon’t limit yourself socially. The Indian culture shares many similarities to western norms and most importantly Indian women who have married outside their culture sing the phrases of their western men.

Indian women enjoy the added freedom western men give them.  They enjoy being served by their women, but don’t demand it and they’re grateful when their women dote on them in any way.

Western men enjoy having a woman who works outside of the home and a generally quite supportive of their career goals.

Indian women find it easier to express themselves fully in marriages to western men, because there a fewer restrictions on how they interact with others, especially other men.

Western men enjoy Indian women because they are beautiful, age well and generally prefer to serve their men.  To a western man this is a recipe for the perfect woman.

Indian brides and western men are an ideal combination of cultures.  The bride is often seeking a way to break free of cultural norms that restrict her and the groom is seeking a wife who will appreciate what he brings to the table.

The Art of Dating Indian Women

Written by Padmay Lak. Posted in Indian Dating

Indian Women Wearing Red OutfitDating can be particularly complicated when the individual you desire has a different ethnic or cultural background.  You need to take added care to keep away from offending her as it relates to her characteristics or customs which you might find strange.

The challenge of dating Indian girls involves capturing their attention successfully without degrading yourself or compromising her integrity.  Taking some amount of time to put things in order could make the difference between being ridiculed and being desired.  Below are some guidelines as to how you can be a success at dating Indian girls:

Be Unique

On a regular basis, gorgeous girls are pursued by a vast assortment of men. If your actions are not original, you will soon be forgotten.  Despite the fact that it helps to be handsome, it is important to note that only good looks will not be enough to make an impression on beautiful Indian girls.

The mere fact that the woman is beautiful blows her dating options wide open, still she is likely to be weary of hearing the same old jokes and pickup lines. Being unique and original could assist in distinguishing you from the multitude of possible suitors.

Show Respect to Her Traditions and Culture

Despite the fact that you might not fully be aware of everything about her culture and traditions, it is essential to show her that you view her as an exceptional individual.  Show respect for her boundaries when you are complimenting her, by enabling her to stay modest.  Some Indian women have the tendency to feel harassed by too much stares and compliments.  Frequently, less is often more as it relates to making a positive impact on Indian woman.

Show Her the Art of Chivalry is Still Alive and Well

Even though good manners and chivalry are typically important in your dealings with women in general, these characteristics happen to be even more significant when trying to make an impression on an Indian woman.  Traditional Indian culture puts great significance on the manner in which women are treated.

Gestures such as pulling out chairs or opening doors could assist you in earning valuable points. This kind of behavior is an indication that you will actually take the time to show her respect and make her feel special.  Despite the fact that women typically like outgoing and confident men, making the effort to put your more refined side on display will possibly just lift you up to a level that is a great deal higher.

Build up a Good Relationship with Her Family Members

Closeness to family is an essential feature of the Indian society and this should be considered when trying to make an impression on a gorgeous Indian girl.  Make sure that you put in the effort to know her whole family and pay close attention to the relationship with the men.

You can have success in dating Indian girls if you follow certain guidelines, learn about their culture, respect their boundaries and build positive relationship with their relatives.

The Beauty of Indian Girls